How to Form a Lifelong Habit

While most Christians want to read their Bibles regularly, we often fall short of integrating Scripture reading into the daily rhythm of our lives. We rely mostly on Christian “professionals”—pastors and popular Christian teachers—to teach us what we need to know about the Bible. Sitting down to read on our…...

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Give Me That Kind of Courage

In 2 Samuel 10 the Ammonites and Syrians are closing in on Israel. Joab divides up the men of Israel between himself and his brother, Abishai. He tells his strategy in v. 11, paraphrased, “You take those guys, I’ll take these guys, and let’s help one another if we need…...

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Conflict Is an Opportunity for Grace

You know the feeling. The sour taste in your mouth. The heavy feeling in your heart. That unpleasant aura of conflict that everything in you wants to avoid. It’s so much easier to talk about nice things, and comment on the weather and the playoffs, than to embrace the awkward…...

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